Some personal comments

Now, the SMC conference and the associated Summerschool have finished. Let me write some personal comments and conclusions about the Summerschool. I think the event was a success, basically because of the team that participated in both the organization and the event itself.
First of all, I would like to thank the Lecturers, Barry Truax and Fabien Gouyon, who give us two complementary perspectives about music. I think Barry planted the seed of the Soundscape composers we will be in the next few years, and Fabien showed the students the available tools and methodologies we can use for such compositions. For that all, thanks!
On the other hand, I still can’t believe the number of hours and stress the monitors for the projects, Vincent Akkermans, Stefan Kersten, Gerard Roma and Mattia Schirosa, have spent for trying to convert their ideas and signal processing algorithms into a bench of playable instruments that some students should manipulate to create music.
I’ve to thank also all the assistant team, leaded by Alba Rosado, but also to the students Quim Llimona, and  Helena Cuesta and Alex Benete who also participated to the projects.
Finally, I’ve to recognize the students attitude has been another of the key points of the success of this summerschool. They started collaborating one each other from the first moment, having some “BeerWalks” all together and generating a smooth atmosphere that could solve all the problems could appear. Maybe the small offices they use for the projects could help in that direction :-).
Personally, it has been a challenge for me to join the artistic and, let’s say, numerical perspectives of music, and also being in con contact with the students with such different profiles, and try to find a common place for sharing experiences that were summarized in the concert.
For that all, thanks to everyone! It has been a plesure for me, and I’ve learned a lot from all of you!
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Concert’s Audio and Video available

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded the audio and video files from the concert in the web. More information at the concert‘s page.

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SoundWalk’s itinerary

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi all,

The SoundWalk’s itinerary has been mapped onto Google Maps in order to keep record of it. Blue points are places where we stayed for some time just listening.

See you at the concert!

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Projects, projects, projects!

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

An inspiring SoundWalk (see photos here), the remaining lectures, and everyone is working again on PROJECTS!

People from the Composition of Realistic and Interactive Soundscape project are busy labelling all the recordings thay made yesterday around the city and its surroundings: with each sample labelled, they will be able to recreate in real-time a soundscape automatically by joining sounds which contain certain labels.

The Augmented Soundscapes ones are dealing with the software and editing the recordings, as well as discussing how the composition should sound like and talking about what they’ve recorded. Not everything is purely technical!

Also, students from Tangilble interface for graph based music representation are uploading all the recordings to and builiding the physical controllers, which will be moved in front of a camera to control the uploaded sounds.

The end-of-school concert, where students will show what they have been doing in the projects, will take place tomorrow at 18:00h, before the Opening Concert (the conference starts tomorrow) by Barry Truax (19:30h), one of the school’s lecturers.

As usual, you can find some photos here.

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Last lectures

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The last Summer School lecture is about to take place. I hope you students have enjoyed them much and learned a lot! You can find some photos here.

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After a great BeerWalk and three quite interesting lectures, the SoundWalk will take place.
See you there! (18:30 @ Barceloneta metro station).

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Hi all,

See you tonight at Ambar‘s, around 22.00h.

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